About Ukraine
With a landmass of over 600,000 kilometers Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. The consistent growth of the 46 million citizens’ purchasing power, their good job training and overall attractiveness of the location make the Ukraine of the most popular markets in all of Europe.

The Ukraine’s diverse geography allows for various economic opportunities. These geographic advantages include: southern borders on both the Black and Azov, southwestern borders to the Republic of Moldova, Romanian, western Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, shared northern borders with White Russia and stretching from the northeast down to the central east, Ukraine is also connected to the Russian Federation.

The raw materials that the Ukraine has include coal and different types of metal. Around five percent of the world’s iron ore deposit is within the Ukraine. This vast deposit includes bauxite, soapstone, lead, mercury, titanium, nickel, and gold. At the shelf of the Black Sea petroleum and natural gas reserves have been discovered. The share of the heavy industry has outnumbered even the one´s of its neighbouring country Poland more than twice as much, although this country is well-known for its industrial character.70 percent of the mechanical engineering, black metallurgy, energy, chemistry, paper and carpentry materials were produced in 1991 within the Ukraine.

The leading export goods from the Ukraine include: metal goods, chemical materials, machinery, food articles, and textiles. In the past several years the Ukraine has also become well known for its “IT-outsourcing”. A large number of software developing agencies are now located in Kiev. Through these technological advancements the Ukraine has been able to truly benefit from their geographical and cultural closeness to Western Europe while at the same time establishing themselves in the IT field as competitors for India and China.